Debian now PMBOK compliant

Finally! I´ve been wating for something like this for years!

It´s obvious  that the Debian project has grown too much and has long reached its maximum productivity.  From that point on, only unncessary bloat was added.  Developers have too much power in their hands and there is no formal, structured management.

“The Debian project is adopting PMI best practices to enhance its overall efficiency",  said Samuel T. Anders - recently appointed communications manager - in his blog,  he is also currently responsible for Debian´s public relations.  He adds:  “Every successful enterprise begins informal, small and dynamic and tends to grow and accumulate new processess and colaborators until it´s imperative to have formal and well structured proccess management.” , he concludes: “…we noticed Debian had reached this stage and decided to take a look at what other enterprises which had become big, slow and inneficient  were adopting".

That´s very exciting! But I think we´ll need some drastic changes.  For instance, we´ll need to require the new maintainers to be previously PMP certified,  before getting in the new maintainer process.

Let´s wait and see

Comente de volta!